King Mydas

The current economic system is transforming every element of this Creation  into money. Life is destroyed in the name of economical profit. Although human mind keenly accepts any reassuring thought, it is naive to expect that this deadly process will come to an end through an understanding of its unsustainability on behalf of the masses.

This train will stop only when it will crash. Only when everything will be destroyed, and human life will be impossible in a desert full of money and yet poor, people will understand. Not before.

The old myth of king Mydas sounds today more actual than it was in antiquity. Due to a spell, king Midas transformed everything he touched into gold. Everything that could give him life was also mutated into gold and king Midas could not survive any more. His despair his sung by Ovid:

“Attonitus novitate mali divesque miserque
effugere optat opes et quae modo voverat, odit.
Copia nulla famem relevat; sitis arida guttur
urit, et inviso meritus torquetur ab auro”

-Ovid, Metamorphoses,  XI, 3, vv 127-130

“Dismayed by this strange misfortune, rich and yet at the same time poor, he tries to escape wealth and the hates what he had wished till a moment before.There is no abundance that can relieve his hunger, thirst parched his dry throat, and he is justly tortured by despicable gold.”

Mydas is then saved by Bacchus, who, in a display of feelings unusual for a pagan god, has mercy upon him, and allows him to wash his sin away. Even if gods exist today as well, it is hardly imaginable that one of them would ever ready and willing to help.


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