Unaware murderers

We are raised to believe that consumption of superfluous is an innocent behavior and that there is nothing bad in buying all the things we think we need to have life of leisure. As long as one pays what is asked, buying is unanimously perceived as a honest behaviour.

But it is not.

The goods we crave are indeed not paid by our euros or dollars, which are an artificial entity used to reward our unnecessary activity of producition. But they are paid with the suffering of other creatures, which are real, in flesh and blood, and have a value which is incommensurable with lifeless money.

” Wars are not only waged by weapons manifacturers and their travelling salesmen who sell them but also by people as you, families just as yours, who want more, more and more, never content with what they have”.

-Alberto Sordi in “Finché c’é guerra vi é speranza” (“As long as there is war, there is hope“).


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