Wild Oranges has precise, realistic and limited objectives.

Before presenting these objective, we deem proper to express very clearly what wild oranges is not.

What is not objective of Wild Oranges.

The objective of Wild Orange is not to change the world, making it better place and laying the foundations for a radiant future of mankind, in which there be absolute peace among all living beings. First of all, because this is contrary to our practical spirit. Such an objective is not compatible with  human nature. This is supported both by reason and experience. History teaches us that any initiative which had such an objective failed miserably. The personal skills of the best leaders, which we do not possess not even in minimal part, could not make any difference in the achievement of the goal.

Moreover, we have several doubts that such an objective, i.e. making the world a better place , constitutes the highest Good. In the best of cases, the unreachable results, which this aspiration may yeild, are not necessary for the improvement of our quality of life.

In spite of all efforts for progress, the future of mankind, meant as the set of the all individuals of human race, is and will  always be the same: going a couple of meters under the earth, to prepare a feast for maggots, bacteria and other microorganisms, giving back to Earth a ridiculous share of the resources which we burnt during our existences. And it is  not a bad thing at all that, at some point in our existence,  everyone must give all of him/herself to some other living beings.

The belief that this World needs to be improved comes from a deep misunderstanding of the Creation and from a haughty and vain ambition of immortality. This world cannot be improved by human progress, simply because it is was already created perfect. Far from being the solution, human progress is rather the cause of the misery in which our planet currently is. We believe no good can come out of it.

The only component of Creation that can and must be improved is the human component.

There is no solid element of proof to support the view according to which mankind be the ultimate aim of the Creation. Actually, the very fact that Creation existed before human species came to existance, and that it is highly likely that Creation will continue to exist even after human species will cease to exist, is a very solid argument against this theory. Thus, the only statement that we can make with a certain level of certainty is that the mankind is just a part of Creation.

This world can look imperfect only to those who confuse this world with its human component; to those who invest the flower of their intellectual energies in the definition of an another world, made for the use and consumption of mankind, rather than in the comprehension of this real World.

The human component is the only component of Creation that is imperfect, because it is the only one that it is free. It is up to each human taken singularly to make use of this freedom and to decide whether to improve it or not. We can only decide to change ourselves and not the others, because any attempt to change the others, even if for their advantage, is an act of violence. A change can be authentic only if it is spontaneous. In order to change ourselves we do not need to change the reality around us. We do not need of centuries of human progress, neither any achievement of civilization. We do not even need the so much celebrated human rights, that represent a ridiculous and arrogant redefinition of human life: an experience during which a minimum amount of material  happiness is guaranteed and suffering has a legal limitation, so that civilization and human progress can correct the work of the Creator, who, either out of distraction or out of incapability or out of indifference towards the human being, did not guarantee  a maximum threshold of pain which his top-product, i.e. man, cannot exceed. 

It is of no help improving the material conditions of mankind, neither to endeavour to increase the quantity of pleasure – or, equivalently, to minimise the quantity of suffering – in the world, because material well-being does not bring us closer to ourselves, and it  can even distance from ourselves.  It is not necessary to wait or to toil for a bright future which we will never see. I can all happen in a moment. One must only want it. We do not need anything of all that because everything we need is already marvelously inside us.

What is objective of Wild Oranges

It is thus objective of Wilde Oranges to live in this World as it is. We do not want to improve anything else but ourselves.

The core objective of Wild Oranges is to lead the rest of our existance without being the cause, either direct or indirect, of any pain or privation to other sensient beings. We aspire to a lifestyle that suits mortal beings, who have fully accepted their mortal nature and have given up any vain desire for immortality. We aspire to an existence which flow in this World without hurting anyone, without leaving traces, and that go as unnoticed as possible. Like a raindrop silently slips on a leaf.

In particular the objectives of Wild Oranges are:

  • Living without causing pain to other sensient beings.
  • Emancipation from the monetarization of the existence, i.e. elimination of the need of currency for the fulfilment of vital needs.
  • Protecting the infinitesimal fraction of World in which one will live from the monetarization of the existence.