Whom is this project for

Wild Oranges wants to be based on a professional, rather than personal, bonds among its members. As Sergio Leone westerns teach, great projects can only be carried through cooperation, and their fruits are not reachable to the ones who are not ready to trust someone. For this reason Wild Oranges is looking for other people with the same intentions. The unifying principle of Wild Oranges, is neither spiritual, nor emotional, but merely technical: how to fulfill vital needs in a stable way, independently from currency and without creating harm to other beings. Thus the basis of the relationships among the member of Wild Oranges is mutual utility.

Wild Orange is looking for people who have very solid motivations to dissociate themselves from the dominating economic system. People who have already spent long time thinking what they want in their life and who have already reached some conclusion along this way. People who have developed the awareness that neither a couple of thousands euros per month more, nor a forth-week of holidays per year more would ever change the quality of their life. In other words, Wild Oranges has interest in people who actively want to get out of the system, and not in people who cannot get enough satisfaction from the system or simply people looking for next  adventure.

Wild Orange is looking for people who have achieved the necessary spiritual maturity to suppress or control the urge of realization of their own ego, or that at least have matured the doubt whether the assertion of the ego, i.e.success, can really lead to happiness. The capability of working with other people  is given for granted.

Most importantly, Wild Oranges is searching for people who can imagine Freedom and who have got clear in their mind that any liberty that has a cost for any other sentient being is not Freedom, but tyranny.

In conclusion, Wild Oranges is a project for those who love Freedom more than themselves and for those who are ready to withstand any material privation for Freedom’s sake.

Wild Oranges is for those have no hesitation in choosing a harsh Freedom over a comfortable slavery.

If you think that you match this profile, contact us.