Our thought

Wild Oranges is project devoid of any political or religious connotations.

Wild Oranges is not based on any idea, because ideas do not exist in reality, and even where they exist, i.e. in our minds, they are never right.Thus strictly speaking, Wild Oranges does not have any ideological background.

Wild Oranges is based only on respect of Life, and respect for Life not an idea, but something profoundly rooted in our souls.

Life deserves respect independently from the species, which is classification of the mind.

Life is given to us together with Freedom. Keeping the former and loosing the latter is a mortification of the human existence.

A grave danger to our Freedom comes from the monetarization of the existence, on behalf of an economic system which is not based on respect for Life, but rather on indefinite economic growth.

In order to safeguard  Life and Freedom from the destructive energy of this system, it is necessary brake the chain by which the system imprisons Life. This chain is  currency and in particular a currency based on debt. Thus, in order to be Free it is necessary to achieve independency from currency.

These thoughts are articulated in the following sections: